Polyester round slings are used when materials like chain or wire rope could damage the load.

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  • According to standard EN 1492-2
  • Safety factor 7
  • Label with protection cover
  • Computerized stitching Polyester
  • Double woven jacket
  • Polyester
  • Sealed per piece with CE declaration and manual.

Product information

Printing on label of company logo / name on request possible.

NX-RS1T-100Roundsling 1000kg L=100cm (200cm full)
NX-RS1T-200Roundsling 1000kg L=200cm (400cm full)
NX-RS1T-300Roundsling 1000kg L=300cm (600cm full)
NX-RS2T-100Roundsling 2000kg L=100cm (200cm full)
NX-RS2T-200Roundsling 2000kg L=200cm (400cm full)
NX-RS2T-300Roundsling 2000kg L=300cm (600cm full)