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NEXT Truss introduces distributor network map

We are happy to announce the release of a distributor network map on our website.

Over the last few months, we’ve been collecting feedback on what to improve to be easier to do business with. One of the tools that were requested repeatedly a lot was a distributor locator, since then we’ve been at work with our team to create a tool. This to facilitate locations and contact details that are always accurate and provide a platform to present our network: Introducing the NEXT Truss Network.

This new feature on our website makes it easy for you to engage with our distributors. In a couple of clicks, you get an overview of the distributors in a given country (alphabetically sorted), see locations marked by a pin and click there to find their contact details, to engage with our distributors and offices.

Rental companies will be added as an additional filter in the upcoming future enabling our customers to locate our products with ease.

Try it now!

Give it a go, look up your distributor! We’d love to know how this map is bringing value to you, if you have any feedback please leave us a message. Are you interested to become a distributor in a country that is not listed at this moment? Please contact sales@next-truss.com