Adjustable Stairs 40/60 cm

Adjustable Stairs 40/60 cm

Productcode: NXD-STAIR-A01

To enter a stage construction that is higher than stepping level we offer two high-quality solutions: modular & adjustable stairs.  Our adjustable stairs are made from welded steel profiles and 15 mm plywood, making them robust.

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  • No handrail available for this height
  • Steel profiles
  • 15 mm plywood steps
  • Lockable during handling and installation

Product information

This adjustable staircase can be adjusted in a range of 40 to 60 cm and is a flexible alternative for a modular staircase. They connect to the side of the deck with an integrated connector that can be bolted to the profile of the deck.
The stairs adjust themselves to where the height of the stairs is in, which allows the stairs to be quickly adjusted to different heights.

* On the 40/60 cm stairs no hand railing is possible