Adjustable Legs

Adjustable Legs

The fixed legs come in various Heights between 20cm and 120cm.

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  • Aluminium or steel legs (depending on height)
  • Given height is the desired deck height
Tube Details

Alu Ø50 x 4 mm / Steel Ø48,3 x 3,2 mm

Product information

These adjustable legs come in various heights.  We’ve made it easy, for example if you order a 20 cm leg your stage will have a finished height of 20cm.
Adjustable legs from 90 to 120cm come in steel, the rest is aluminum.

The legs come with a plastic cap on the bottom.

ProductcodeStandard Leg Deck HeightMaterial
NXD-LEG-020-ADJ20 cmAlu Ø50 x 4 mm
NXD-LEG-030-ADJ30 cmAlu Ø50 x 4 mm
NXD-LEG-040-ADJ40 cmAlu Ø50 x 4 mm
50cmAlu Ø50 x 4 mm
60cmAlu Ø50 x 4 mm
70cmAlu Ø50 x 4 mm
NXD-LEG-080-ADJ 80cmAlu Ø50 x 4 mm
NXD-LEG-090-ADJ 90cmSteel Ø48,3 x 3,2 mm
NXD-LEG-100-ADJ100cmSteel Ø48,3 x 3,2 mm
NXD-LEG-120-ADJ120 cmSteel Ø48,3 x 3,2 mm

* The given height is the desired height at the top of the deck.