NS52 Boxcorner Re-Inforced (Heavy Duty)

NS52 Boxcorner Re-Inforced (Heavy Duty)

The NEXT-Truss corner blocks enables the creation of 2, 3, 4 way corners matching uniformly with the sleeve blocks of the ground supported towers.

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  • Multiple corner solutions possible
  • Multiple attachment options
Coupling Systems



530 mm / 20.87 in


530 mm / 20.87 in

Type Truss


Product information

The Box Corners from NEXT Truss enables you to create corners up to 6 ways in configurations of 90 degree angles. To create these configurations attachments can be screwed on to the box corner using bolts. These connections are available in various sizes and types, depending on what kind of configuration needs to be made.The attachments are bolted to the corner blocks by using female bold on receivers or steel 1/2 connectors.

The corner blocks are designed to be very rigid and therefore capable of taking 100% of the applied load in a vertical or horizontal direction.