NC2 Couplers

NC2 Couplers

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NEXT couplers are made accordingly to the highest quality standard aluminum. In addition, NEXT Truss only uses high-quality 42MoCr4 forged steel for the truss pin, which prevents deformation. by assembly and use.

The coupling systems are offered in two variants to deliver strong and stable connections to our wide range of trusses.

Allowing our safe systems to be built with ease.

NC2-CONConical connector for NS(R) / NBR Truss
NC2-TPConical truss pin for NS(R) / NBR Truss
NC2-TPSConical truss screw pin for NS(R) / NBR Truss
NC2-RS3Safety R-clip 3mm for NC2-TP
NC2-NUTM12 Nut for NC2-TPS