Square Baseplate NX/NH 30 & 40 80cm – Black

Square Baseplate NX/NH 30 & 40 80cm – Black

The PLB-3040-S80B is a square baseplate with a size of 800x800mm that weighs 49 kg.

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  • Pre drilled holes
  • Galvanized Steel
  • 10 mm in thickness
Coupling Systems


Product information

For each Truss System NEXT supplies a baseplate. The square baseplate has a size of 800x800mm, weighs 49 kg and is made from a 10 mm thick steel plate where steel male couplers can be mounted on.  Combine the baseplate with the the right amount of NC1-SCON-PLB to connect truss onto the baseplate.

The baseplate is powder coated black