Modular Stair Unit Height 20cm

Modular Stair Unit Height 20cm

Productcode: NXD-STAIR-020

Modular stairs made from welded steel profiles and topped with 12 mm anti-slip plywood, the size of each step is 910 x 225 mm. The steps come in modular 20 cm increments allowing you to increase the height of your step unit by adding an additional unit to the first and bolting together.


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Product information

This modular stair unit has a height of 20cm. The material of the construction is welded from steel profiles, and the steps are made of 12mm plywood.
With the first modular step unit 2 T-bolts are included to connect the stair unit onto the side of the stage deck (profile). For each subsequent part, a connection part is also provided
* Stairs are standard delivered without the safety railing