Castor wheel Legs

Castor wheel Legs

Round legs with Castors are special designed to use the NEXT-Truss Stage Deck for example as a drum riser or movable platform.

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These fixed legs come in different heights and are fitted with a castor wheel, ideal for making rolling risers. The wheels can be fitted with or without a brake.  

NXD-LEG-030-C01Standard Leg With Castor 30cm
Standard Leg With Castor 40cm
NXD-LEG-030-C02Standard Leg With Castor 30cm With Brake
NXD-LEG-040-C02Standard Leg With Castor 40cm With Brake
NXD-LEG-030-C03Standard Leg With Castor 30cm With Double Brake
NXD-LEG-040-C03Standard Leg With Castor 40cm With Double Brake

* The given height is the desired height of the deck.